Mathe is a small business, based in Greece, family operated and we are our proud to say that all the members of our team are payed living wedges and ensuring that their working hours are reasonable.

We can guarantee that every piece of jewelry that you receive is finished by hand.

All of our products are made to order making sure that we avoid over producing.

When it comes to sustainability we realize that , given the fact that we are working in the jewelry business, not all of our materials are sustainable ,but we are trying our best to counterbalance this in other areas of our business.

For example,we use a special service of DHL, to compensate the emissions emitted.

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We have also  proud to say that we have gone plastic-free in our packaging , we use FSC certified paper for our cards and recycled paper for our shipping documents.

We never throw out any left over materials,they are all saved for future use.

As a team we are committed to extend the list above in the years to come!