Mathe jewellery focuses on creating the perfect jewellery for your everyday wardrobe.

Founder and designer Mathe Fotini , takes inspiration from the everyday woman and tries to translate each seasons trends into the new collection.

The Greek summer is also a huge inspiration for me.

“I remember myself when I was kid running around Cretes’ beaches wearing a bathing suit all day long with a slice of watermelon in my hand. To me that is the definition of happiness and that is the feeling I am trying to pass along when you buy a piece of jewellery from us.

I started making jewellery at a young age and at some point  I started selling my products directly through Instagram. The sudden success was like a dream come true. I finally left my everyday job to start my own business.

All of our products are made by hand and made to order here in Greece by me and my sister . You will never receive an item that has not passed through our hands!

What I love most about jewellery is how they can transform a whole outfit without even trying.

You will never see me not wearing jewellery!